Federica Bustreo

An art historian in love with pets

Born and raised in Northern Italy, I still remember the first time I came to Florence: I was 17 years old and deeply fascinated by everything that involved art. The moment I arrived in the city, I knew this was where I belonged. If you are an art lover like me, this is the perfect place for you!

After having studied languages at the high school in Padua, my home town, I moved to Germany to improve my language skills. It was a great occasion, meeting young students from all over the world and being completely independent for the very first time, welcomed me to the world of adults. I spent one year in Germany, and when I came back to my homeland, I decided to move to Florence to study art history at the local university.

I obtained my Master’s degree in History of Mediaeval art in 2007 at Università degli Studi di Firenze. After having spent some time abroad, I returned to Florence.

My wish was to breathe the glory of an unrepeatable and unrivalled past every day

In Florence, a city with a truly liveable scale, easy to cross on foot and by bike, and to create my own intimate relationship with these streets.

I became a tour guide in 2010 for the purpose of transmitting all these aspects, which are not immediately visible to short-term visitors. As you can understand, I am really passionate about museums and art. But I am a big animal and nature lover too. I spend my free time going on long walks and hiking with my beloved dog. When possible, dogs are more than welcome on my tours, in case you are travelling with your pets!

Of all the guided tours that we offer, my favourite is the one that explores the Hidden Tracks of Florence. On that special walk, we have the opportunity to leave the crowded streets of the city and reach a quiet and greener Florence.

There are still many hidden gems that can be discovered in my beautiful town!