Chiara D’Alessandro

Chiara D'Alessandro
Chiara D'Alessandro

My bio

When I moved to Tuscany from Naples, with the plan of starting a diplomatic career and return to the seaside as soon as possible, I hadn’t taken into consideration that I would have fallen in love with this city. It won me over slowly, just as Florence does: it opens its heart only to those who know how to listen. I had always loved travelling, and after obtaining my degree in Political Sciences I lived a few months in Spain and in Syria before coming to Florence in 2005. This is where I started working in the tourism sector, managing the accommodation of American students in the city. This job, which I still take care of today, helped me understand the expectations and needs of visitors coming to Florence.

I became a tour guide to narrate the charm of this city through the smallest and less perceptible things, which often escape the gaze of the occasional visitor.

FloE, i.e.Florence Local Experts:expert guides who will lead you into the streets of their city with a smile!
FloE was created by three friends, professional Florentine tour guides who love easy living, food and art.
Being proudly in love with Florence and Tuscany… [READ MORE]