FLOE – Florence Local Experts

FloE was created by professional Florentine tour guides who love easy living, food and art.

Being proudly in love with Florence and Tuscany, in FloE we combined our strengths to achieve a shared goal: to offer our customers an unforgettable experience.We will lead you into our city, reviving the glory of the past and illustrating the many present opportunities, so that you may discover a lively and surprising place. We are at your avail with professionalism and charm, and in some cases also with excellent food and good wine!

FloE, i.e.Florence Local Experts: expert guides who will lead you into the streets of their city with a smile!

FloE offers classic tours, unmissable if you want to see the best known masterpieces of the city, but also special itineraries for your entertainment and relaxation. Each of our proposals can be tailored to meet your needs, so that you may experience a one-of-its-kind and above all authentic day.

Chiara, Valentina, Federica and their staff are amazing! Very knowledgeable, sweet, and fun. Highly recommend booking anything with them!! Thank you again!


Chiara guided our group of four for three days in October. Not only did Chiara share her wealth of knowledge, she did so with a passion and enthusiasm that made us feel as though this experienced guide was giving our tours for the first time. Chiara taught us the history of Florence through chronological tours that lead us through art galleries, like the Uffizi Gallery, into ancient churches, like Santa Croce, around important structures, like the Duomo, and through the city’s beautiful piazzas and neighbourhoods. We spent four guided tours learning about the artists, politics and main historical events from the early 1000s to present day Florence. We felt so luck to find this extraordinary guide. She truly immersed us into Florence history and made sure we were happy and taken care of during our time in Florence. Thank you, Chiara!


Valentina was a delightful guide who brought the art alive in a way that enhanced our trip to the Uffizi immeasurably. The gallery itself is amazing but is uncomfortably busy but there’s nothing that she could do about that. A great guide whom we would thoroughly recommend.


Our guide Valentina was courteous helpful and knowledgeable. She answered all our questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. We enjoyed our tour.


Not only do Chiara’s tours provide an opportunity to learn, but also a chance to experience as well. When visiting a new place, I always hope to not only visit the sights but also get a taste of the local culture. Chiara’s tours provide a perfect combination of both – not only did we learn about the phenomenal works of art in the Uffizi, but also about the hidden portrait that Michelangelo carved into the Palazzo Vecchio from behind his back. Chiara introduced me to a local cooking class within the area, where we were able to learn how to prepare and subsequently enjoy the local cuisine, but also pointed us in the direction of phenomenal restaurants and local sites within the area – places I would not likely have discovered from numerous Google searches or guidebooks. Chiara has all of the qualities that you would hope for in a tour guide – reliable knowledgeable, engaging, patient, funny, and interactive. She is fluent and well-versed in English. But separate and apart from that, she is one of the most amazing, kind, and accommodating people that I have ever met. Spending time with Chiara wasn’t so much like spending time with a tour guide, but more like spending the day with a great, close friend. My experiences in Florence would not have been the same without Chiara. In terms of what I miss most about Florence, the order is: Chiara, Food, Wine (and that’s saying something!). I truly cannot put a price on time spent with her, as a tour guide or otherwise.


I’m not a huge fan of guided tours as I often find them too detailed and too long. However Federica was charming with a natural knack for storytelling and really made ancient Florence come alive. It was over too soon!


Valentina was excellent and did a great job touring around our group consisting of adults and kids of varying ages – very enjoyable afternoon and would definitely recommend the tour!


Federica was fantastic. She is a natural-born storyteller. Federica is enthusiastic very knowledgeable and quite entertaining. So far on this trip we had six different tour guides and she was by far the best!


To put Chiara’s tour in words is a difficult thing to do. Our group had a phenomenal time. I can say that it was not only exciting, but also very informative. Because we were brand new to Florence, Chiara constructed our tour on exactly the things that she thought would be interesting to us as individuals. It was personalized, enjoyable, and very educational. In the end, we visited a number very well known historical sites in Florence, but Chiara also brought us to a few little hidden treasures. We found ourselves asking each other throughout the tours how Chiara was able to remember so much information. However, by the end of our days of touring, I can say that I learned far more than I would have in a classroom. I personally was impressed that Chiara was not only such a fantastic guide, but also an amazing person


This was the most fun, educational and interesting tour we took. Italy is full of art and antiquities, but this tour was different and Federica was amazing. I cannot say enough good things. The gelato at the end was fabulous and such a great way to top off this unique tour. A must do when in Florence!


Valentina is welcoming, engaging, knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. She encouraged interaction among the tour participants and has a lovely sense of fun as she presented the tour.


We booked Federica at the last minute. I am very grateful because: She was very fast in responding to my messages. It made planning and adjusting much easier. She was also flexible, travelling with a group of 8 people with a couple of quirks and time constraints in a foreign land, can be stressful, she was flexible enough to adjust right away. She was also honest, We had to cut our tour short from 5 hours to 3, she adjusted the rates to reflect that (wow). It was unforgettable, her tour was informative and she manged to keep me wide-eyed, in awe and interested the whole tour. We felt like we were being toured by a friend who cared about our interests, one who knew exactly what we wanted. She showed us where the best coffee was, the most authentic gelato and which statue is rumored to be a fake michaelangelo. It takes a genuine soul to be able to inspire a human being. I almost cried in wonder during our tour, she strengthened my belief in humanity through her words and her actions. What an unforgettable day we had at Florence.

Today was our 7th guided tour in Italy, and while many were great, none were as wonderful as Chiara. She shared excellent information, in a unique , enthusiastic and entertaining way. As a bonus, she hooked my wife up with a terrific leather maker, for a custom handbag at a very fair price. Grazie again Chiara.

Chiara, Valentina and Federica are all wonderful tour guides. I was lucky to have met all three of these women and go on tours with them. They are super friendly, speak perfect English, and are passionate about Florence and making sure you have the best experience ever!


We had 4 in our party, one in a wheelchair. Federica asked ahead of time questions so she could adjust the tour to meet our needs. We got in past the throng of general admission people lined up for a couple blocks in the hot sun. She shared her knowledge about the history, the artists and the city. The tour was Michelangelo’s life…we had an informative yet not rushed tour. She took care to ensure we were going the best possible route for a wheelchair and never once made us feel like we were a burden. Highly recommendable tour and guide! Thanks Federica for sharing your city, your passion and your knowledge with some first time tourists to Florence! 

Chiara D'Alessandro
Chiara D'Alessandro
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Valentina Longo
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Federica Bustreo
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