Best Medici villas and gardens to visit near Florence


4 hours
and 30 minutes

Private driver with pick up and drop off: 300€ (up to 6 people).

No tickets are scheduled for this tour.

Visited Sites / Artists

  • Villa La Petraia
  • Villa di Poggio a Caiano

Access for disabled

A guided tour of villas that are the perfect setting for a family novel

The Medici villas of Tuscany are perfectly preserved jewels far from mass tourism. Together with your private guide and a professional driver, we will visit two historical residences of the Renaissance, Villa La Petraia and Villa of Poggio a Caiano. Both of them are located in elegant Italian style gardens, green jewels that are a feast for the eyes, worth visiting at any time of the year, especially on a private tour.

We will start the guided visit leaving from Florence and reach its immediate neighbourhood, fully immersed in a completely different environment. In the tranquility of the city outskirts the Medici built villas for leisure. In the 19th century the villas were chosen by the king of Italy, Victor Emanuel II, as his countryside retreat. They are now important architectures and places to better understand the power and importance of these families, from the Renaissance to the Modern times. Be ready to spend half-day on a guided tour out of the hustle and bustle of the city of Florence.

A private visit of two hidden Renaissance gems off the beaten paths

If you want to know more about the rulers of Florence, from the Medici to the Savoy, go deeper into their history and secrets, and admire two beautiful hidden gems in the relaxing outskirts of Florence, this is your tour. Avoid crowds and enjoy the countryside with a private driver and a dedicated guide! 

Villa La Petraia and its Gardens

This villa is located only a few minutes away from the city centre and was bought in the 1500s by Cosimo the I. This part of Florence was at that time out of the wall and still today on one of the hills that surround the town.

With our professional driver we will leave from Florence and reach its immediate neighbourhood: after a few kilometres, in the tranquillity of the city outskirts, we will reach Villa Petraia. Standing out at the top of a rocky hill, pietra in Italian, hence its name, this typical Renaissance mansion is surrounded by an Italian style garden. We will cross perfectly designed hedges and centenary trees to reach the villa. The rooms we will visit are sumptuously furnished and painted with the frescoes the Medici commissioned to tell their history. Enjoy your guide’s tale on how the Florentine dynasty achieved immortality through art.

Villa Medicea di Poggio a Caiano

A short drive from La Petraia will take us to the village of Poggio a Caiano

Here in the 15th century Lorenzo the Magnificent wanted his favourite villa to be built by following the principles of the Renaissance. Still today, it is the best well preserved countryside residence of the Medici. The Italian garden and the woods that surround the mansion accommodate the orangery and the impressive stable.

During this guided tour we will go through all the rooms. The Hall of Leo X is for sure the one that needs special attention. A big hall that was wanted by the first Medici Pope, to honour his father Lorenzo the Magnificent. The frescoes date back to the 16th century, painted by the most important artists of Mannerism: Alessandro Allori, Franciabigio, Pontormo and Andrea del Sarto

Nonetheless this villa was also the theatre of two mysterious deaths. Francesco I of the Medici and Bianca Cappello met their end in unclear circumstances. Let your expert guide tell all the details of this disquieting story.

The House of Medici: what you must know

The Medici Family, one of the most powerful families in Europe, has a novel-like history: coming from Mugello, an area in the countryside not too far away from Florence, they came to the city to increase their businesses. 

From very clever merchants they were able to open the bank that became in a very short time the most important bank in the continent. Their Renaissance Villas with their gardens are still a testament of this incredible raise. 

House of Savoy, Italian Royal Family

In 1861 Italy was finally unified and Florence was chosen to be the second capital after Turin. 

The Savoy Family, who ruled for a long time northern Italy were chosen to be the royals of the new Kingdom and Florence became its capital. The King Victor Emanuel II moved here, and lived in the Pitti Palace. Being a hunter he liked to spend some time in the countryside for his relaxation. The Medici villas, and especially their gardens, were the perfect place. The furniture and pieces of art in both Villas witness the King’s opulent taste.

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