Florence Fashion Private Tour


3 hours

Gucci Garden 8€ each; Ferragamo Museum 8€ each; tickets are not included in the price of the tour.

Visited Sites / Artists

  • Gucci museum
  • Ferragamo museum
  • Leather workshop

Access for disabled

A three-hours private guided tour of Florence exploring international fashion and skilled artisans!

Experience a journey through high fashion, local craftsmanship and luxury; let us introduce you to the history of the artisans of Florence, whose skills took over the whole world.

Did you know that the Gucci and Ferragamo families come from Florence?

Alongside the big names, the Florentine artisans’ craftsmanship stands out. Your private guide will accompany you to workshops where unique perfumes, leather goods and jewelry are crafted to this day. 

Speaking of shopping… 

Yes, you will have the time to do it!

House of Gucci 

The first Gucci store, in the unique Via Tornabuoni of Florence, dates back to 1921, when a young leather goods manufacturer began to enter the world of fashion.

To discover the incredible story of Guccio Gucci and the House’s creativity, we will start our fashion tour from Piazza della Signoria, visiting the Gucci Museum.

Located in the Medieval Palazzo della Mercanzia, the exhibition shows the ambitious journey and the infinite vision of the brand, from its founder to present days.

The shoemaker of dreams: Salvatore Ferragamo 

Then, a short walk will lead you and your expert guide to the city’s “fashion district”, the area where the big brands are hosted in ​​Florence.

This is where, in 1927, Salvatore Ferragamo settled and with his creativity upset the style of the city. Later he became the trusted shoemaker of Hollywood stars such as Lana Turner, Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren, who became his loyal customers. You can’t miss a visit to Palazzo Spini Feroni, home to the museum dedicated to the company and its creations.

Leather, gold and scents of Florence

But we all agree that what makes Florence even more special, are its artisans! Together with your guide you will witness how a workshop performs at full speed, perpetuating the mastery of skilled and expert hands. Leather manufacturing is a Florentine tradition that dates back centuries. Our guided walk will take us to a leather craft shop, hidden in the narrow alleys of the Medieval city.

Strolling around, enjoying the fascinating streets and the historic buildings of Florence, your guide will take you to goldsmiths to admire precious, sparkling pieces. And what about that unique, handcrafted fragrance? The city offers many perfume stores, but you won’t stop at a simple shop, during this itinerary your guide will show you an olfactory workshop!

Looking for something special? Customise your fashion tour!

Are you more interested in modern designers or antique stores?
Have you always dreamed of Italian tailored-made leather shoes?
Or maybe that’s the perfect moment to purchase a new piece of art for your house. 

Let us know! We will be delighted to customise our fashion and artisans guided  tour according to your wishes!

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