Florence Walking Tour with Michelangelo’s David


3 hours

Accademia 20€ each, not included in the price of the tour.

Visited Sites / Artists
  • Galleria dell’Accademia
  • Piazza del Duomo
  • Piazza della Signoria
  • Ponte Vecchio

Access for disabled

David, Duomo and Ponte Vecchio private guided tour: the unmissable highlights of Florence

Are you in Florence for the first time and willing to cover its highlights in only three hours with a private guide?
Or maybe this is not your first visit to town, but you want to dive into its gems with the help of an expert?

This is your perfect private Florence walking tour!

We will enjoy the landmarks that you should not miss while in Florence, discovering some hidden corners at the same time. An inspiring walk to get to know David by Michelangelo, to talk about the history of Florence, and to admire the Renaissance grandeur while having fun with a real local expert. Do you want to adjust the itinerary? Let us know, and we will create the perfect customised walking tour!

Michelangelo and David at the Galleria dell’Accademia 

The visit starts with one of the best known artworks in the world: David by Michelangelo. Enjoy the fast access to the Accademia museum, skipping the long queues of people coming from all over the world to admire this incredible marble statue! Speaking of David means coming into contact with Michelangelo and discovering his long and tormented existence. The Galleria dell’Accademia also hosts other works by the maestro: the unfinished Slaves, less known by the wider public yet powerful and evocative.

Piazza del Duomo and Cathedral Complex

Our guided experience will proceed in the direction of the Cathedral of Florence. Built to show the power and wealth of the city, the Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore used to be the biggest Christian church of the Renaissance. Stopping at the feet of the cupola, we will discover the secrets of its construction and the brazen intelligence of its creator, Filippo Brunelleschi. Did you know that the most impressive dome of the Renaissance is the widest cupola ever built on bricks, made without scaffolding? These are only some of the reasons why Brunelleschi’s dome is so fascinating even today. On this tour, you will get to know how, 600 years ago, a Florentine goldsmith became the most admired architect of the Renaissance.

Would you like to enter the Duomo from a reserved special entrance? Let us know, and we will arrange a special skip-the-line visit to the inside of the Cathedral.

Strolling around Medieval Florence to Piazza della Signoria

Walking amidst the monuments of the religious centre and through the Medieval neighbourhood, we shall reach the political heart of Florence: Piazza della Signoria, which can be considered somewhat of an open-air museum. The statues surrounding us tell the history of their city, and your private guide will help you hear their voices!

Ponte Vecchio and its sparkling jewellery shops

Just a few steps away from this piazza is another Florentine highlight: the Ponte Vecchio. We will end our guided tour here, surrounded by the glowing historical goldsmiths shops on the bridge and by the charm of its centuries-old history.

Do you want to continue our experience by visiting the Uffizi Gallery? Let us know, and we will arrange your private guide to the museum.

Other tours

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