Florence off the beaten Path


3 hours

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Visited Sites / Artists

  • Piazza Santo Spirito
  • Church of Santa Felicita
  • Belvedere Fortress
  • Church of San Miniato al monte
  • Piazzale Michelangelo

Access for disabled

A three-hour walking tour (uphill!) to discover the hidden gems of Florence

Are you someone who doesn’t necessarily associate holidays with rest? Are you captivated by the rolling hills surrounding the cradle of the Renaissance? Do you always seek out the hidden gems of the cities you visit? If so, our Florence off the beaten path tour is perfect for you! 

Escape the crowds, wear comfortable shoes, and join our private walking tour that takes you away from the typical tourist spots in Florence. 

Commencing from Santo Spirito, the city’s cooler district, we’ll venture beyond the center to reach Florence’s most panoramic viewpoint: the hill of San Miniato al Monte

During this three-hour private walking tour, we’ll explore fascinating little churches, pass by Galileo Galilei’s house, follow the Medieval city wall, cross a hidden garden, and take the best pictures of your Italian holiday. The mesmerizing private visit ends at Piazzale Michelangelo, where you can enjoy a well-deserved drink to toast to an amazing day.

Santo Spirito, the place of Florentines

Picture a green square in the heart of Florence where people sip espresso at tables, having just relished a meal at a local trattoria. A charming church casts its shadow on the square, surrounded by Renaissance palaces, while children play in the middle of the piazza. Now you have a full picture of what Santo Spirito is! Your off the beaten path tour begins here, with your private guide revealing the best places to relax in this district.

Santa Felicita and its secrets

Walking through narrow alleys, you’ll reach the first hidden gem: the church of Santa Felicita. Recognized as the oldest Christian building in Florence, this precious place houses artworks from the Renaissance to modern times and conceals an unexpected secret. Intrigued? Follow your expert guide to uncover the mystery!

Florence off the beaten Path … Up to the hill! 

After this initial leisurely walk, the path becomes steeper. Enjoy the view while you ascend the hill to reach the Renaissance fortress built for the Medici family. Listen to stories of the personalities who lived in the surrounding villas, benefiting from the expertise of your local guide.

Upon reaching the peak, descend following the Medieval fortifications constructed in the 14th century to enhance Florence’s security. Once you and your guide will reach the ancient city gate, prepare for a climb up of a second hill.

San Miniato al Monte, Florence’s most beautiful Church

Walking through a hidden garden adorned with works of art, you will reach the hill’s summit. The view of Florence is breathtaking, trust us! The atmosphere of the medieval church of San Miniato al Monte is magical. Dedicated to the Armenian Saint Miniato, the church still houses friars in the convent who welcome visitors. The name of the church “al Monte” means “at the mountain.” Follow your guide inside San Miniato and savor this authentic experience.

Piazzale Michelangelo, what a view!

Our off the beaten path tour will end at the renowned Piazzale Michelangelo. Home to some replicas of Michelangelo’s iconic works, including the David, this panoramic square is a favorite spot for capturing images of the cradle of the Renaissance and waiting for the sunset. Having already seen the city from above and taken numerous stunning pictures, it’s time to relax. Bid farewell to your guide, take a seat at a café, and continue your Florence off the beaten path walking tour to admire the city from this special vantage point.

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